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Iconize creates apps and connected products that people understand and love to use. Seamless integration of hardware and software development is one of the toughest challenges in developing IoT products. Iconize offers this unique combination in a full-stack product development process that leads to happy customers and beautiful products.



Iconize offers sustainable design. We create high quality products built for long life cycles. Both in hardware and software. We always advise you on energy efficiency and optimal solutions in terms of sustainability. Projects involving sustainable energy have our passion.



Iconize works neat and is driven by efficiency. We have very high standards and we work together with external experts. We offer you our extensive network of specialized project partners.


Iconize was founded in 2005 by industrial design engineer Pim van Gennip, and has carried out over 41 product development projects for different clients. Iconize has its broad network of experts to work with if specific projects requires specific expertise.

All projects are carried out with great passion and knowledge.

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These products are some of the best examples of the products that Iconize develops.

Healthy Climate Monitor

Healthy Climate Monitor

Special: Combination of live image and sensor data analysis
Company: Iconize
Period: 2018-2023
Category: Web app & Internet of things

Temperature is often the only physical quantity that is measured to control the indoor climate in buildings where people or animals live, while it would be good to also measure CO2 and relative humidity and to control ventilation on the basis of these three values.
The Healthy Climate Monitor is a measuring instrument for extreme indoor climate conditions, enabling quick situation analyzes to be made based on measurements of different environmental variables in combination with static or moving images.

Diopsis automated insect monitor

Diopsis automated insect monitor

Special: Monitor trends of insect species and populations
Company: Diopsis consortium
Period: 2019-2023
Category: Autonomous IoT product design

Diopsis provides an advanced, modern system for photographing, recognising and monitoring insects in a fully automated way.

BEEP bee monitoring

BEEP bee monitoring

Special: Increase world wide bee population by affordable monitoring
Company: Stichting BEEP
Period: 2016-2023
Category: Web app & Internet of things

BEEP supports beekeepers in taking care of bee colonies. Beekeepers’ observations can be digitally registered using a record keeping app, complemented by automatic observations using sensors. Beekeepers can better support the health of bee colonies and react swiftly when conditions worsen. Iconize built the (web)app and designs and co-develops the hardware of the measurement system.

Sprockler Visualizer

Sprockler Visualizer

Special: Interactive report editor to visualize stories from human sources
Company: Sprockler B.V.
Period: 2016-2020
Category: Web application & visualization

SPROCKLER is a response to an increasingly complex world wherein we endeavour to make sense of what happens. The Sprockler Visualizer is a web application to create interactive reports to analyse the collected data, aggregate data and present data in a clear manner. Iconize built the Visualizer.

Heating control

Interactive heating control

Special: Save energy and gain comfort for workspace users
Company: Various customers
Period: 2017-2018
Category: Web application & Internet of things

Heating control is an easy to use open API system to individually control the heating of all the rooms in your building. You can let users define their own comfortable heating conditions, while keeping your energy consumption low by lowering all heating consumption at times that your building is not used. The systems can be controlled by a floor plan, displaying different room temperatures, as well as an app to set the temperature of each room individually.

Green Energy Display

Green Energy Display

Special: Live meter readings simply visualized
Company: Iconize own product
Period: 2017-2023
Category: Software & Internet of Things

The Iconize Green Energy Display visualizes the energy production of solar panels, and other sustainable energy sources against the building energy consumption to define the energy balance of supply and demand. The Green Energy Display HDMI driver can be connected to every type of monitor, or TV. Check out the possibilities for your company below.

Shell Energy Transitions Challenge

Shell Energy Transitions Challenge

Special: Multiple devices connected
Company: Shell International B.V.
Period: 2016-2017
Category: Software & serious gaming

For Shell we created a serious game digital interface, containing a full-screen wall dashboard with live connected iPad apps for trading energy. This project is aimed at helping the 17-37 players understand the perspectives of several roles (i.e. consumer, industry, energy provider, government, and NGO) in making the energy transitions towards sustainable energy.



Special: Timelapse movies with overlay
Company: Techniek in Tuinbouw
Period: 2015-2016
Category: Hardware & software, Internet of Things

The Kweecker is a connected high quality domestic greenhouse. The plants can be grown fully automatic, while the system monitors the growth of each of the plants. Iconize created the complete electronic hardware interior, as well as the app for measurement & control of the climate. We added the timelapse feature that creates stunning movies of your growing plants, compressing the full growth cycle time of months into minutes. As a special feature, we created the animated overlay, displaying the complete climate movement with regard to the required climate of the depicted plant.

OGZ personal fair plan app

OGZ personal fair plan app

Special: Local app connected to printers
Company: Onderwijs Group Zuid
Period: 2016-2018
Category: User experience, software & hardware

The personal fair plan app helps visitors to find interesting exhibitors, using search terms from their personal context. By converting these terms to the exhibitors jargon, matches can be found. The found matches can be selected to plot on the personal floor plan. The system consists of multiple iPads that communicate with printer stations, that are present at the fair floor. The app can also be used on-line before the actual fair takes place, providing PDF floor plans.

Energy mirror

Energy mirror

Special: Energy efficient 2.5m wide touch screen
Company: Ecoventures
Period: 2009-2010
Category: Hardware & software

The Energy mirror is an enormous representative energy communication display. The display contains three small computers behind three low energy screens, connected by an internal network. Users can slide their fingers on the capacative touch bar (on the 10mm glass) to control the display. The animation carrousel in the center of the screen visualizes the amounts of energy in a wide range of different 'human' measures, to represent knowledge in a meaningful way. This product was one of the first fully remote connected products of its time.


Products developed
Years of experience
Fields of expertise

Fields of expertise

  • PHP / MySQL
  • Javascript
  • HTML5 / CSS
  • Node / Bash
  • Web / App
  • Sensors & actuators
  • Micro computers
  • Data visualization
  • Software integration
  • Product integration
  • Ultra low power
  • Sustainable
  • Measurement systems
  • Visualization
  • Autonomous devices
  • Infographics
  • Video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Photography
  • Pixel perfect

Our services

Client & end-user

  • Iterative product development
  • Realistic business cases
  • Target group research
  • User experience design (UX)
  • User testing
  • Realization of marketing material
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